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Hurry - last few places left

Bristol, London and Manchester Public Speaking courses coming up


Bristol Thursday 13th October - spaces

Fundamentals of public speaking

Day course about the fundamental skills you need for public speaking, more info see 1 day course

Bristol Thursday 20th-Friday 21st October - 1 place left as of 5th October

Taking your place in the world

Weekday course about the fundamental skills you need for public speaking, more info see 2 day course

London Friday 28th October - spaces

Fundamentals of public speaking

Day course about the fundamental skills you need for public speaking, more info see 1 day course

London Saturday 29th October - spaces

Fundamentals of public speaking

Day course about the fundamental skills you need for public speaking, more info see 1 day course

London Wednesday 2nd-Thursday 3rd November - waiting list only

Taking your place in the world

Weekday course about the fundamental skills you need for public speaking, more info see 2 day course

Bristol Thursday 10th-Friday 11th November - spaces

Re-thinking presentations

Weekday course to help you understand what audiences want and to help you create great presentations,  more info see re-thinking



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    public speaking courses in Bristol, Bath, London and Manchester

    Would you like to speak in front of a group
    with ease and presence?

    Would you like to change how you feel about public speaking?

    Are you scared of being the centre of attention? Suffer from stage fright?

    Do you want to change your fear of public speaking and be far more comfortable about having everyones' eyes on you?

    Do you want to have more impact and feel more at ease with public speaking and presentations? 

    Are you stopping yourself doing things because of this fear?

    In my public speaking courses you really CAN change the way you speak and feel in front of people. You can learn how to be more self-confident. And then life can be different. You can get your head around public speaking and then get on with life and the things you want to do.

    It’s not just about formal public speaking or presentations - it could be about being the centre of attention in a meeting or having everyones' eyes on you at a party. We can learn to be more comfortable and more ourselves even if we have spent years avoiding such situations. Or maybe you run groups but at the end of the day you are really tired - and you want more ease and more mental space when you train.
    This approach makes it possible to be more yourself rather than putting on a persona or staying in fear.  And its also about being passionate, connected, conversational and creative when it comes to business presentations - well on the road to presentation excellence.




    Here is a short video of me talking about the approach I use when I teach. You will obviously need the sound on!



    Run by John Dawson

    I’ve been running public speaking courses since 2000 with people at all levels of speaking experience who want to be more comfortable, more themselves and more effective in front of people. I run over 40 courses a year - it's my full time job and it's my life's work
    My passion is to help you feel more comfortable or at least more possible for you to take your place in life in front of people.
    I've had lots of people who are very nervous change how they see public speaking. And lots of people who have been ok with presentations feel much better. And some people who have made major shifts in their whole lives because they feel liberated from the fear that's been holding them back. That's really exciting to work with.
    For others in a leadership role the ability to be clear, focussed, spontaneous and be in the present when they under pressure has been the important gain. The joy of doing this work is that I can see people change.

    I can't guarantee changes (it depends on you as well) but my aim is to serve you as well as I can. Take a look at the quotes from participants below and through the website. They give an indication that it is possible to change something that you have worried about for years in a day.(the solution does not have to be the same size as the problem)

    I run day courses, two day courses, courses on re-thinking presentations and evening courses. There is plenty of information on the courses section of the website and talk to me if you are not sure about what course to choose. All course places now come with a money back guarantee so if you don't benefit from the course you can get your money back. For more details see the course section of the website.

    I am trained to use the work called Speaking Circles® developed by Lee Glickstein. It’s an innovative, warm, and very human approach.
    I have been a Licensed Speaking Circles® facilitator for since 2000 and I am the most senior licensed facilitator in the UK. In Feb 2009 I was appointed to the Speaking Circle International Advisory Board to advise on the development of Speaking Circle®. 


    To help you decide, or to find out more, or to chat contact me please either on e-mail me using
    or ring me on 01225 425300


    My public speaking classes will help you

    • change how you see public speaking • understand and change the fear • learn how to be the centre of attention with ease • make the whole process simpler • see public speaking as a series of one-to-one conversations • to be more yourself with more capacity to think clearly • be far more comfortable when you are public speaking or running a meeting • learn the fundamental skills of public speaking


    feedback and testimonials

     I have been on various public speaking courses in the past and this is the first one that actually helped me relax and enjoy the experience of public speaking. I think the course and the facilitator's approach is excellent. Thank you so much!

    The techniques and exercises were just at the right pace and I could see a change being made throughout the course.  I have tried other methods in the past to try and deal with my fear of speaking out in groups but this is in another league.  It is probably one of the best things I have ever done and can’t recommend it enough. Somehow on the train home the grass looked greener and the sky bluer … I felt lighter.   Thank you very much John.
    Jo (for Jo's full feedback about the course - go to October 2012 in the feedback section 

    Excellent structure which achieved an awful lot more for me than simply improving my presentation skills.  The course was facilitated with insight, empathy and skill.  I have learned things which I will take with me through my life. It is the most worthwhile, effective course of any kind which I have been on. Thank you.

    " A very profound and direct looking into the habits, beliefs and concepts that inhibit the expression of our true self"

    "A truly brilliant, stand-out facilitator for public speaking. John is trustworthy, very knowledgeable and highly expert. I experienced a day-long class where John gave wisdom, energy and commitment to my learning. John is a wonderful teacher. I learnt so much! Very highly recommended."
    Stephen Ashurst
    Consultant, Entrepreneur

    A wonderful, life enhancing course. Opens up many opportunities that we may otherwise not visit for fear of speaking out.

    The course was fantastic; I couldn’t fault it at all. In fact, it has been one of the best courses I have been on so far.  The facilitation was great along with the course content.

    "Delivery style was awesome. Really, genuinely life-changing, best course I have ever been on"

    You were great John. I trusted you straight away and you did an excellent job of making everyone feel safe and feeling like they were in a safe environment. John, the course was great. I really enjoyed it.

    It was a fantastic course, one I shall never forget and could be life changing! It gave me a huge confidence boost and lots of ideas on how to feel comfortable as the focus of attention.

    I got from this course, something I have been waiting in life for a very long time - a realisation of myself! That I am worthy of being listened to!

    John, I thought you were amazing and one of the best course facilitators I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Although it was quite a scary experience at times, you managed to build trust within the group very quickly and therefore made the course extremely enjoyable. You're clearly very passionate and it shines through in your teaching. Thank you!

    There is more feedback on most pages of this website but there is also a feedback page for letters I've received from clients after a course and press articles.